The Salsa's Story

Join the Fresh Mex Inferno.


Desire is growing fast.

Owners and eaters love it. That’s hot, right?

It’s fresh, popular and delicious. And – everyone wants it! That’s why Salsa’s Fresh Mex is one of the hottest franchises available in Australia right now.

Born from a blaze of glory.

Salsa’s Fresh Mex is owned by holding company Retail Zoo that manages our much-adored Boost Juice. This successful business formula has been operating with huge and growing profits since 2000, when founder Janine Allis turned a single Boost Juice store in Adelaide into 220 stores nationwide and over 110 stores internationally.

Using the same proven growth platforms and structures that have seen Boost Juice as an ongoing market winner, these results have been replicated with Retail Zoo’s newer franchises – including Salsa’s Fresh Mex.

The difference with Salsa’s Fresh Mex is the established business structure.

This is not just a license. It’s an ongoing relationship of training, support and growth. The franchise model is already a proven winner.

That’s why Salsa’s Fresh Mex has only produced soaring profits.

Spreading like fire…Join the Fresh Mex Inferno!


Fan the fire to your questions!

What kind of person do I need to be to succeed with Salsa’s Fresh Mex?
Focused, persistent and determined. A strong understanding of the term ‘partnership’ are crucial for growth and ongoing success.

Do I need experience in the food industry to become a partner?

No you don’t. But you must have a hunger for success and a love of Fresh Mex to learn and grow as fast as possible. This is all possible without prior food experience! A genuine appreciation for great customer service are also integral to growing as a successful partner with Salsa’s Fresh Mex.

How much training is involved to become a partner?

There is a 4 week comprehensive training program in Melbourne. Leading, motivating and mentoring team members towards mutual goals with the support of Salsa’s will be ongoing after that.

What kind of materials do I get after training?

You’ll receive operations manuals, information on recruitment, products, suppliers, customer service, financial reports and marketing information. All of these arm you with the necessary support for your successful business venture. We are always here to help and support you as you grow.

Why are Salsa’s stores in such top locations everywhere?

A well-positioned store is very important for success. Walk past any Salsa’s Fresh Mex or Boost Juice store and you will be astounded at the amount of traffic going in and buying. At Retail Zoo, we believe we have the best leasing team in the country. They are experts in the Australian commercial leasing landscape.

How many Salsa’s stores are there in Australia so far? Are there many opportunities available?

There are currently over 50 Salsa’s Fresh Mex stores open right now. This means there are plenty of top locations available – and going fast.
This is definitely the time to get secure a top location!!

What are the investment costs?

$400,000 to $450,000 (+GST). This pricing is based on a Food Court kiosk format. This includes all training, set-up/shop build, and all associated start up Franchise fees.

$500,000 to $550,000 (+GST). This pricing is based on a Fast Casual/Street site format. This includes all training, setup/shop build and all associated start up Franchise fees.

Are there ongoing fees after the franchise fee and store establishment costs are paid?

Yes. You will be required to pay a royalty of 7% of gross monthly sales. An additional 3% of gross monthly sales is required as a contribution to the Salsa’s Franchising Marketing Fund. This contribution is essential as it goes towards growing the strength of the Salsa’s Fresh Mex brand, large-scale advertising and promotions.

What kind of return can I expect from operating a Salsa’s Fresh Mex franchise store?

Due to a significant number of variables when operating a franchise, we can’t give you concise figures before you start. However, once we receive your application form and your initial phone interview is complete, you will receive a Confidentiality Agreement. Following the execution of this agreement and a meeting with the Franchise Recruitment Manager, historical sales turnover figures of existing Salsa’s Fresh Mex company stores may be disclosed to you, along with a Financial Planning Guide which will assist you in the preparation of your Business Plan.

Is previous experience in business required?

No. Whilst experience in owning or operating a business would be regarded as advantageous, it is not essential to the selection process.

Ready to join us, amigo?

Contact our franchising team on 03 9508 4476 or fill in the enquiry form here with any further questions you may have.

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